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Activator Method

Using The Activator Method in Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach

Surfside Chiropractic is proud to offer the Activator Method as part of our chiropractic care programs. Our Surfside Beach chiropractic team provides gentle, non-invasive adjustments to your spine to reduce pain, improve health and energize your body. While our hands-on delivery method is used frequently, we also offer an alternative to spinal manipulations using the Activator adjusting tool.

The Activator Method in Surfside Beach enhances your chiropractic experience by delivering a precise adjustment at a specific area. We position the Activator Tool against your vertebrae and the tool delivers a quick thrust of force that easily positions the vertebrae into proper alignment. Since the adjustment takes place quickly, your muscles and bones are more likely to respond to the manipulation instead of fighting it. As a result, your adjustment is more effective and tends to last longer. Our chiropractors use the Activator to provide these pin-point adjustments that can help reduce pain such as headaches, joint stiffness and back pain. We also use the Activator to reduce symptoms of vertigo, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and sports injuries.

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Benefits of the Activator Method at Surfside Chiropractic

Our chiropractors find many patient benefits when we choose to use the Activator Method in your chiropractic care program. If you are sensitive or uncomfortable with a hands-on approach, but have always wanted to experience the joys of chiropractic care, the Activator tool reduces that contact, but still provides the benefits. The Activator Method is preferred if you are suffering with osteoporosis or brittle bones as we can provide a specific and precise adjustment to one bone at a time, instead of placing unnecessary pressure on the other bones. We also see a reduction in nervousness if you are uncomfortable with the cracking sounds that accompany traditional adjustments. The Activator Method alleviates the cracking and popping sounds yet still moves the joint into a healthy position. We also find the Activator Method works well on children who may be nervous about hands-on adjustments. The tool is quick, painless and effective and can provide instant relief from children's discomfort. 

Along with being used against the spine, the Activator Tool is an instrument adjusting technique that is effective on the extremities. For instance, if you are experiencing wrist or ankle pain, our chiropractors position the tool with complete accuracy to quickly reduce your discomfort and improve your range of motion. 

Learn More About The Activator Method!

We look forward to educating you on the Activator Method used at Surfside Chiropractic. Our team is focused on your health and we want you to enjoy a pain-free and active life. We are happy to explain how the Activator tool works and the way it gently manipulates your spine. We will discuss the benefits of the Activator Method with you to determine if it will be useful in your chiropractic care program. 

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