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Therapeutic Massage

Physician-Supervised Therapeutic Massage at Surfside Chiropractic

Getting a soothing, relaxing massage through a health spa or at-home treatment is simple enough -- but if you go this route, you will be missing out on some of the most powerful attractions of this amazing healing modality. When administered under the supervision of physician, therapeutic massage can convey extraordinary benefits to a body suffering from chronic pain, a recent injury or a less-than-optimal state of overall function. Here at Surfside Chiropractic, our team of health professionals can administer several different types of massage alongside other natural healing techniques for drug-free treatment of a wide range of disorders.

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Therapeutic massage may involve a variety of manipulations to create specific responses in the tissues. These fundamentals include effleurage (slow, continuous strokes), petrissage (stronger motions such as kneading or lifting the tissues) and tapotement (percussive motions such as tapping or patting). Our licensed neuromuscular massage therapists may employ any or all of these manipulations in different combinations or sequences, depending on what condition or symptoms your chiropractor (Dr. Simon or Dr. Garlinger) seeks to address. 

How does the precise, coordinated manipulation of soft tissue aid your health? Therapeutic massage can do a number of things for you, including:

  • Loosening tight muscles to bring about relaxation, relieve stiffness and facilitate chiropractic adjustments

  • Optimizing your range of motion

  • Boosting your immune response for greater disease resistance

  • Enhancing circulation lymphatic drainage to relieve inflammation/swelling and accelerate the healing process

  • Managing chronic pain (headaches, fibryomyalgia, degenerative conditions and other issues)

How Your Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach Chiropractor Can Help 

Your chiropractor at Surfside Chiropractic may recommend specific therapeutic massage techniques as part of a larger holistic healing and pain relief regimen. Swedish massage, the technique so frequently practiced in spas, if often recommended as a "stress buster" to relive chronic tightness in the soft tissues. It also stimulates blood and lymph flow to injury sites and helps the injured tissues flush out toxins. Deep tissue massage is prescribed for more stubborn problems that lurk within the muscles, such as adhesions (collections of scar tissue that prevent muscles from moving and healing normally). We may prescribe deep tissue massage alongside trigger point therapy to treat chronic pain. Myofascial release is another helpful technique for "ungluing" fibers of a connective-tissue layer called the fascia that runs throughout the body.

Different therapeutic massage programs can also be aimed at specific populations or needs. For instance, pregnancy massage can be invaluable for helping expectant mothers control swelling, aches and pains while ensuring optimal wellness for mother and child. Sports massage can help athletes recover from an injury or loosen the tissues on those areas of the body most needed for top performance.

Learn More about Therapeutic Massage from Your Chiropractor in Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach

Your chiropractor in Surfside and Myrtle Beach is standing by to help you enjoy the higher quality of life you deserve. Call Surfside Chiropractic at (843) 215-2100 to learn more about how therapeutic massage can accomplish that goal!

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